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Not having any luck with the horses? Been through all the birthdays and lucky numbers on the lotto? Feel like you might as well just stick a pin in? Well now you can do it online for free! Stick A Pin In offers a range of random pickers for sporting events & lotto numbers for the times when you can't make that important decision. With jackpots for the EuroMillions, MegaMillions & Powerball getting into the high millions, it could be well worthwhile using the Pin to pick some new winning numbers. Current Pin Pickers are listed below.

All Animals Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others$$

In horse racing bookies offer lower odds for the better horses so they lose less money when people back them. More often than not they are right. However, sometimes you can get a complete outsider coming through and winning. Everybody knows that lottos are totally random but for some reason some numbers do tend to be drawn more often than others. The Stick A Pin In pickers use these facts as a basis for picking sporting event winners or lotto numbers, favouring the lower odds horse or most drawn lotto balls but still giving outsiders a chance. Stick A Pin In also gives you data on the hot numbers for international lottos which you can use to pick your own numbers.

Try Stick A Pin In and see if you can win millions!!

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